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Membership Happenings!

The most fun Women's Sailing Club in Southern California!

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Joining WSA-OC will turn out to be one of your best decisions ever!  Whether you are an accomplished sailor or just starting out, membership with WSA-OC ensures you will meet the right women who can help you advance your skills and have fun doing it!  Read through this page to learn about benefits of membership and our FAQ.  When you are done, click on the JOIN HERE link above and get started!  We can't wait to meet you!

Monthly Meetings!

Included with Membership

Connection & Education
  • Gather withe your fellow Sea-Sters!

  • Learn new sailing tips & skills!

  • Hear about Adventures & plan one!
  • Learn about different boat types!

  • Have FUN & meet new friends


Members Enjoy

Planned outings & Spontaeneous Fun!
  • Monthly Day Sails!
  • Moonlight Sails!
  • Annual Catalina Weekend Extravaganza!
  • Pop-up Sailing Outings & Raft Ups!
  • Duffy fun!
  • Yacht Club Activities - ie Trivia Night!
  • Paddle Board & Kayak!

Community Support

Members Participate

Showing up
  • Ocean & Beach Clean-Ups
  • Philanthropy Support 
  • Public Education at Local Events

In addition WSA-OC Annual Membership Provides:

  • Membership Card & Badge

    Your are a card-carrying member of WSA-OC which gives you access to member events and use of our reciprocal benefit at participating Yacht Clubs.

  • Reduced Fee Education

    Classes & Workshops

  • Opportunity to Crew

    Members enjoy the opportunity to crew on member boats for Pop-up sails, WSA-Planned Sailing Events & Philanthropy Events

  • The Whistle 

    Our monthly newsletter comes right to your email inbox!

  • Committee & Board Participation

    Get involved and enjoy growth opportunities with any one or more of our planning committees. Help create WSA-OC's future by joining the board!

  • Connections!

    There is no other club that offers you this level quality women members who share your boating interests! Many of our members are accomplished boaters, business women, entrepreneurs, students , adventurers -- attending the General Meeting affords you the opportunity to connect and network for social and business opportunities.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be a boat owner to join?

No!  WSA-OC is for women who want to learn and be part of the boating community!  Everyone is welcome at all skill levels!

Do I have to know how to sail to join?

No. One of the benefits of joining this club is that you meet women of all skill levels. We value and encourage our boat owner members to educate newbies on our day sail events.

How much is the membership?

WSA-OC offers a flat-rate, affordable annual membership fee of $100.  This gives you access to all Members-Only On-the-Water Events,  Special Events and General Meetings. Renews annually at $100.  Membership is based on a Calendar Year, starting each January.

Are there other benefits included?

Yes.  We think the camaraderie and friendships built within our membership is one of the biggies!  WSA-OC enjoys reciprocal access to other yacht clubs and we often do Pop-Up meet-ups at various clubs.  We offer reduced price  Eduational Opportunities to our members such as Navigation Classes, How-To meetings and more.

What does my Membership Fee Fund?

As a non-profit organization, your fees are going toward supporting our philanthropic activities and a minor portion goes to support General Meeting and miscellaneous operational costs.

The board members are volunteers, so no money is allocated toward administration of the club personnel.

Can I make donations to the club?

Yes.  Cash donations to support the club's philanthropic activities are welcome no matter the denomination. Donations help us to expand offerings in this category.

Participating in the 50/50 raffles at the General Meetings are a form of donation that gets you a prize!

Buying Merchandise at the WSA-OC Ship Store also goes toward our Philanthropy fund.

Can I bring a guest to a meeting?

Yes!  Guests are encouraged and invited to attend up to two General Meetings to evaluate if the club is right for them to join!